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Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Chattings of the Wyld Womyn's

The Idisi has become my spiritual community. I feel such joy meeting regularly with these big-hearted powerful women and blending my singing with theirs. The Idisi has been a saving grace for me as I’ve mourned the death of 3 family members plus a job I love.

I’ve belonged to women’s choirs before but they never were as bonded nor focused on healing. One of the unique things we do in The Idisi is channel Chanty-WHOO-ha where we give voice to what is inside us to heal what is happening in our outer world. As a group we decide on a focus. We exhale and let go of whatever seems in the way. Then we close our eyes and let whatever is inside us begin to rise. We give voice to the piece of the infinite that dwells within each of us as we stay conscious to blending our voices together.     

I feel like The Idisi is helping me to sing in “The Key of Free” as never before!