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Monday, December 12, 2011

A lovely note of support and praise from a Sexy Jesus type dude...

I first heard Idisi at an area con about a year ago. Not being a very 
spiritual type person I wasn't sure what this choir was about and not 
so sure I'd enjoy it. To put it mildly I was wonderfully surprised. I 
completely enjoyed the experience!  It was moving and wonderful,  far 
beyond toe tapping or clapping. The music covered a range of emotions 
 from elation and wonder to bliss. I've heard them twice since and 
bought the album.  I hope to hear them again soon and you should too!

From Lynn W..a wyld womyn of big heartedness

The Idisi and Me.

Come sing with The Idisi.
You'll love it here.
Whether letting out joy,
or shedding of tears.

We embrace you for you
No one can be YOU better
You'll get through it all
We'll do it together.

We sing for your happiness
We sing for your joys
We sing for your love
For girls and for boys.

We are The Idisi
We sing and we chant
You are The Idisi
because YOU CAN and not can't.

~Love Lynn W

~ from wyld womyn Fjorgyn

Last week I had a whole day off so I went into the park to look for a 
staff.  I first went into the field behind my house where there is a 
pile of brush the city hasn't cleared up yet.  I immediately found a 
perfect staff.  But I wanted a longer walk so I threw that one over the 
fence into my yard and kept looking.
There are some really beautiful paths in the park behind my house.
As I went I asked the park for guidence. It has been responsive before.  
I went to a foot bridge I know well, looking at all the trees and brush 
along the way. There were two stands of cedar on either side of the 
entrance to the bridge.  The first one was a wonderfull shelter.  Once 
in the trees it was warmer and calm.  The branches each had some 
potential but were living branches; not ideal.  I looked over at the 
other clump and didn't find them inviting but I thought, better just 
And there was my staff leaning against a trunk. 
It was dead and perfectly straight.I cut off about two feet from each end 
with a knife and sat under the bridge for an hour peeling and cleaning it up. 
Communing with the stream. It has wonderful color stripes and worm 
paths in it.
I have been reading about the healing properties of cedar. It is anti 
cancer and stimulating.  A bit toxic for daily use but there are reports 
from old men who ate a tiny piece each day and enjoyed perfect health 
into old age.  I ate a little piece myself.  I think I can still feel it 
working in me and intend to go back for a bit more.  It is also 
traditionally cleansing psychically and spiritually.  I feel like I have 
a new friend.
The first staff turned out perfect for another so YAY all around.
~a wyld womyn named Fjorgyn Verandi

from Lovecraft...a wyld womyn

I have again become aware of an uncomfortable disconnect between myself
and nature. I'm saddened that I feel so far away from the land, Gaia, and the
spirit that flows through everything. One thing for me that is an eternal source
of happiness is riding my horse. Time to contemplate, sync my spirit with
horse, earth and sky, and drink in the beauty and wonder I'm surrounded with.
I've been starting to sing while I ride. And I can't help smiling when I do. I
care less that people might hear with each ride. My horse's hoof-beats are a
metronome for songs. Peace, Salom, Shalom fits perfectly... And I feel so much
more connected, genuine, happy, on these rides lately. Multitasking that's
beneficial!? Weird. But awesome. That's my Idisi work as of late. I guess there
is a way to dig a little deeper and enjoy it along the way...

~a wyld womyn named Lovecraft