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Monday, December 12, 2011

from Lovecraft...a wyld womyn

I have again become aware of an uncomfortable disconnect between myself
and nature. I'm saddened that I feel so far away from the land, Gaia, and the
spirit that flows through everything. One thing for me that is an eternal source
of happiness is riding my horse. Time to contemplate, sync my spirit with
horse, earth and sky, and drink in the beauty and wonder I'm surrounded with.
I've been starting to sing while I ride. And I can't help smiling when I do. I
care less that people might hear with each ride. My horse's hoof-beats are a
metronome for songs. Peace, Salom, Shalom fits perfectly... And I feel so much
more connected, genuine, happy, on these rides lately. Multitasking that's
beneficial!? Weird. But awesome. That's my Idisi work as of late. I guess there
is a way to dig a little deeper and enjoy it along the way...

~a wyld womyn named Lovecraft

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