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Thursday, July 26, 2012

An open THANK YOU to the Wyld Chicas


Thank you for a very beautiful, fun, and productive rehearsal last night. There were so many growth spurts, moments of "ahh" and was a delight to my battered heart chakra.

The Scribes will put forth notes soon..just wanted to say that the first chanty- WHOO -ha left me quietly in tears at the end of was such a proud mamma hen moment for me and Goddess smiled in my heart as She held space for us all.

For those who were not physically present, our first chant was for ourselves, as sisters, and encompassed all who Have Been, Are, and Will Be with us in the circle. I hope you all felt that in the Ether.

This has been a very challenging journey for us thus far...pioneering/remembering... how we do this as a circle of circles upon circles of women all over the planet, and thru Time itself.

I never claimed to be the most awesome director /musician...all I can ever do is show up and do my best..and even that is not consistent.I am learning everyday what I think I can do can become real, and how the impossible can happen when I all are a gift.

Last night was a culmination of so many countless hours of time, tears and patience we have all sacrificed, and the yield was so simple and beautiful to moved me to tears.

I hope, on your own paths, and in your circles...your support folks and loved ones see how much growth and beauty resides in each an every one of you...and how the intertwining of The Idisi's path with your soul walk has brought to you some riches and strengths you did not know you well as sisters .

You all glowed last was a thing of such Beauty.

I look forward to singing with you all again soon. To all our sisters who walk in the World...we miss you.

Thank you for sharing your gift of Self with this vision of The Idisi.

Dayna Jean Wolter
The Idisi-Director

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