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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jera: Change & Transformation...Season 4 has launched!

Hello hello!

The Idisi are excited to have launched their first rehearsal of the Season 4 last night ...can it really be 4 years already?


We happily inducted several new wyld womyn into the circle and sadly, but happily blessed the parting of a handful of womyn who are off on other adventures.

This renewal in the time of the Bone is always bittersweet for me in The Idisi process..why you ask?

 I am a person who is invigorated by is a time of beginnings for me and my cycle..even tho the nature of the season is about coming to endings and rest...but then..Life is an ever evolving/revolving circle can be perceived!

When Goddess called me to this vision...I had birthed, or co- birthed many a musical venture in the 20+ years as a professional musician. There is a formula no matter the genre of musical style that is pretty constant...

Not so in Idisi is quite the NON each season's beginning is a surprise, and I have to engage heavily in the Act of Detachment in regards to assumed outcomes. Womyn come and go as the Universe moves them, such is the nature of the work we do...and it is all good.

So blessings to those we part ways with, thank you for your gifts as you traveled with us, and welcome to the chicas who join the circle and take up the mantle of becoming an Idisi.

I look forward to sharing all the good with you and those who would be open to our work.

Dayna Jean
The Idisi-Director

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