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Monday, November 28, 2011

a posting from wyld woman, Finding Her Voice....

Ever walk into a room of 15+ women without feeling the tension of some sort of group drama or gossip session going on in the corner or judgement? 
Not me, not really ever, till I walked into my first rehearsal of The Idisi. 
I remember my text that day to Dayna ... "What are you going to do to me, I can't sing". She lovingly laughed and said not to worry. 
My anxiety level before walking through that door was through the roof. I walked into the room and remember feeling safe, very odd for me considering I was going to be opening my pie hole to a bunch of women I didn't know!  So many times I have walked into a female dominated enviroment and it was just saturated with judgement. 
Not this group, not these women. It is through this safe environment and with these strong and loving women, that I believe I have finally found my voice. It is definitely a journey, ongoing, exciting, and scarey. But I know that my sisters have my back.
My voice is not just one of song. Close friends, family, and my husband have all noticed a change in me. I am more confident and more vocal. I believe, now, I can do anything...and it is not decided upon success or failure, but if I had the strength and courage to try my best. And if the outcome was not what I wanted, do I have the strength to learn from it without beating myself up about it and try again...yes, I can say now I do. 
And that is a product of being apart of this group, spending time with these women, and SINGING. 
I am looking forward to seeing what other doors will open while on this journey. Even moreso, I look forward to hearing from my sisters new doors that will open for them! 
~signed, a wyld woman called Finding My Voice

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