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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dreams of a Wyld Woman- Fjorgyn

Now I dream about Idisi all the time.  But the first time was two years 
before our inception.  And three years after the death of my dear friend 
In college I went through a terrible depression.   Its cause or result 
was that I lost most of my friends.  Many lessons were learned from 
that.  But Rachel was there through it all.  She was never my best 
friend. It is hard to say we were even close. But her door was always 
open.  I could always go there and not be alone.  This saved me.
In the dream I was at a house party and feeling very alone.  I don't 
deal well with groups of more than two including myself.  The house was 
strangely washed out and pastel. White and peach and light blue.  There 
was a plain white stairway leading up into a light.  Not a dazzling 
light. Sort of flat. Like fluorescent, or cloudy sunlight. But I 
couldn't see past it.
Rachel came down the stairs.  She was wearing a white, shapeless gown.  
He hair was long and her face cheerfull, like I knew it in college, not 
like when she was so sick.  She talked to me for a while about my life 
and aspirations. I don't rememebr what we said exactly.  Then she took 
me to a room. I didn't want to go. I didn't want to meet strangers.  She 
said, "You want to meet these."
She opened a door and there was a room full of women in white robes.   
They were sitting or standing casually. Talking to each other.  A few 
looked up at us, welcoming without any demands.  One was Dayne Jean. 
Hard to miss her. I didn't recognize any one else.
That was my first introduction to Idisi.

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