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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Poetic thoughts of a wyld woman-Jenny G

I find myself in a garden. It is not one that is precisely planted, neatly pruned and color coordinated, or contained by fences and moats. This garden’s beauty is in the way it grows wherever the wind blows, however the sun shines, and wherever the water flows. Its beauty is in the diversity of its inhabitants, and in the way they blend together to stun the eye and soothe the mind. I watch each flower growing taller, stronger, more beautiful and fragrant as time goes by. They reach for the sun and giggle in the breeze, and reaching deep under the earth they sing with all their being to the waters that nourish them.

As I admire the divine garden around me and ponder its intertwinement with the universe, I see my reflection in the water. I too am growing and singing with the others! My joy grows as I realize that there is no window I’m looking through, no painting I’m gazing at, no dream I’m waking from, but I can feel my body swaying in the breeze. I can hear my voice blending with the others, and we brush against each other to the rhythm of the cosmos. When the sun is blazing too brightly, one flower holds its leaves above the other before the favor is asked. After the rain pours down in torrents, sisterly blossoms nudge each other to spring back toward the sun and allow healing to begin again. We are a glorious, fragrant garden rich in blessings.

If one doubts her ability to sing, grow, love, sway, comfort or contribute, the others chide her gently point out that none are void of flaws. They remind her that each mistake or disappointment can become another opportunity for growth and learning. Their love encourages her love and together they transform painful events into a powerful medicine that compounds strength by incalculable numbers.

If one forgets to comfort another or spends too much time in meditation on her own being, the others guide her attention to the whole garden and its needs. Our strength is in our unity. No contribution is too small. No mistake is unforgivable. Our power is in our ability to adapt to the world we live in, and support each other in success and in failure. Trust grows; love grows.

Allowing ourselves to see from another’s perspective without forgetting our own allows ourselves to grow and improve. Becoming more aware of others and ourselves allows us to be more open and honest, more loving and accepting, and to choose how we respond to circumstances rather than reacting. We begin to participate in and create our journey. Not desiring control, but seeing possibilities.

I am so blessed to be a part of the divine collaboration known as The Idisi. 

The diversity of all the women involved and their shared passions and talents make up a beautiful garden that is at once changing and growing yet also firmly rooted in a mission to spread love and joy. It’s not a ruthless crusade of inflexible conversion, but rather a genuine presentation of what can be when you allow transformation to do its groovy thing. The Idisi is a being that exists, nurtures, gives and allows. Members, listeners, and followers come and go at will. Each is encouraged to follow their own life path, wherever it may take them. Love is limitless. I am surrounded and supported by the tremendous talent of singers, healers, teachers, seamstresses, linguists, performers, writers, chefs, dancers, warriors, drummers, mothers, wives, daughters and priestesses: my Idisi sisters. With them I am not only learning about music. I am learning to trust, appreciate, contribute, relax, support, believe, and most importantly, to just be.

“A good friend who points out mistakes and imperfections and rebukes evil is to be respected as if he reveals a secret of hidden treasure.”    -Siddhartha Gautama

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