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Monday, February 18, 2013

From Dayna Jean

Well…we came through the much hyped “End of the World in 2012” business as intact as we could be, some more than others, some less.  I hope this finds you regrouping and making the most out of each day…that is what we are charged to do.

As some of you may or may not know, I have had a very rough time of the transitions between the Worlds, as it were. Much grief and loss as well as reaching an age where all the desires, plans, dreams etc… I have been making since I was 8 are thrust in my face and I am asked to look at “what do you REALLY want your life to Be?” Some of that is very hard, hard deep “stuff”to dig through… and I am fighting a lot of it daily…hoping I can be brave enough to surrender where I need to and be in ease about it all.. I look around and see many of my dearhearts/circles fighting the same battle…so how to help?

Create something, of course.So…. I invite you to join The Idisi for “Nexus: Transitions of the Heart”

I have had the privilege of creating The Idisi with an enormously brave and powerful collection of souls. We have been hard at work the last 3.5 years learning about ourselves as women, singers, and humans; about the power of the voice as a healing tool; and the amazing results of holding space for the community at large.
As with last year’s production, much of our work is culminating in our 2nd Annual premiere concert to be held
Saturday, February, 23th 2013 on the Minnesota Centennial Showboat.

We are elated to be holding this even on the Showboat with its rich history of theater and art, and most excited because we will be performing ON the Mississippi River, which is such a vital source of water for the United States at large, and its far reaching effects.

Our show brings attention to Transitions, a time of Critical Juncture for us all as individuals, and as a global community, We can all bear witness that a change is no longer coming, it is here…and it is now time to choose…are we remaining in the comfortable zone, or are we embracing our fears and taking a leap toward what we desire to Be, no matter how terrified we are of Change?

Joining us on the stage again members of Atomic Lotus Dance Company, dancers Derek Phillips and Adrienne Ebun, musicians: Joel Burks, Scott Keever, Jenny Klukken, Thomas Nuendel,  as well as several members of the Women's Drum Center.

For more
information about some of our collaborative guests:


Scott Keever and Pirates of Dreamtime

The theater holds 220 seats and we have about 140  seats remaining, so be sure to book your tickets asap. There is not a bad seat in the house, and the space itself is gorgeous! Here is the ticket link

I am so grateful for the support many of you have giving to me and my musical endeavors over the years. I have been blessed to work with so many talented artists, and they enriched my life in infinite ways. And I know now that all of that experience was to prepare me to teach these women, to learn from these sisters- of -my- heart, and for us to make a joyful noise, and yes, even terrible in essence, if you could count yourselves among the souls we are singing for on the 23th, I would be so very grateful. I know some of you are out of town, and I promise it will be a journey worth taking.

These women have worked through so much of their own journey to present this program...and I know it will be something you will walk away from transformed, and at the very least, with an open -heart about your life and what is possible.

And those of you not in the Twin Cities, MN area...if you could think of us on the niight of our show...and lend us your energy for creating sacred space to do this work, we would be so grateful....

Be well and in Joy, Namaste'

Dayna Jean Wolter

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