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Monday, February 25, 2013

from a sister of Idisi- Mary Elizabeth

Feb 24 2013

Last night, I caught the show, Nexus: Transitions of the Heart on the Centennial Show Boat down on the River. Dayna Wolter and The Idisi collaborated with other local artists to create a showcase in part Spiritual Cabaret, part Performance Ritual, all orchestrated to move the spirit of the audience as a whole and the individual soul of each audience member. It was truly a sonic journey into the collective unconscious, through the beautiful imperfections of live human performance, designed to release the adhesions of your spiritual fascia by shifting the internal perspective from grief to hope.

These women, these glorious and brave women, came together to raise their voices for you, for me, for all the beings of this planet, and for the earth, herself. They called to them those who can speak without words to join them; the drummers, the dancers, the strummers and the plinkers, all to share in the subatomic shifting of each being by subtly rearranging our frequencies to resonate with The Song of the Universe.

They reminded us all : You are here to bring forth from within yourself all the wild and raging beauty of your soul and leave your creative mark in this life. Every single one of us is here to share the glittering brilliance of our vision of life, of our voice, with one another. May you be willing to be even a quarter as fierce as these women and trust that you are here to more than a cog in the machine of modern life.

With voices strong, they unbound our societal and self-induced constrictions.

With voices strong, they bound us to the Oran Mor.

These Brave Women.

These Fiercely Loving Women.

The Idisi.

-reprinted with permission of Mary Elizabeth-

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